Kaloghero, a whole new life

In development – Italy, Austria – HD, 90′

Calogero is an ordinary man who makes an extraordinary choice. He comes from Sicily, has witnessed a Mafia murder and has reported the killer. He is given a new identity, and is sent as far away as possible: to Santa Gertrude, among the Alto Adige mountains, where his new life begins. It snows, people speak a language he cannot understand, they don’t eat pasta with pilchards or cannoli, but knödels and kaiserschmarren. Calogero is known as Kaloghero here, a little man with a dark complexion selling granitas in the middle of the Alps and playing cymbals in the town’s band. But he’s not the only one to have found a new life here: the killer has repented, and ends up happily living and walking the woods in Santa Gertrude too, for a miscarriage of justice. Calogero believes he must be there to kill him, but, after many misunderstandings, and with the help of the locals, they will become more than friends… Until the end

Lingua – Italiano, Tedesco
Genre – Commedia Drammatica
Screening Format – 35mm
Direction – Davide Del Degan, Andrea Magnani
Script – Davide Del Degan, Andrea Magnani
Production – Pilgrim Film

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