Far Away Is Home – The Story of Clely

Italy, Australia
January 2012, HD, 35′

Languages – Italian, English
Direction – Diego Cenetiempo
Script – Chiara Barbo
Cinematography – Raffaele Rago
Editing – Diego Cenetiempo
Production – Pilgrim Film, Cividin – Your Travel Planer

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Clely Quaiat leaves Trieste in the 1950s. She is a little girl, and with her family she embarks to Australia. She lives in Adelaide, but she is a lively, restless and curious girl, so, very soon, she decides to go, and look for those fantasies she had been dreaming of for years. She finds them in a very remote place, a place where it is prohibited to enter: the Northern Territories, aboriginal land… She decides to live there, with her two children. One day she meets Terry Yumbulul the chief’s son of that aboriginal land, and for Clely a new life begins. She has been living in the island of Wigram for many years. No fresh water, nor electricity, in a house that Terry and herself built on a white sandy beach, with snakes and crocodiles always in ambush. That island becomes her real home, but at the same time Trieste is always in her heart. A Triestine woman in an aboriginal land, this is the story of Clely.

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