Isidoro is lonely, overweight and depressed. His career as a car racer golden boy was definitely over when he started piling up weight so badly that he just couldn’t fit into the car anymore. And now here he is: he returned to live with his mom, he sleeps in the same bedroom as a child, spending his days watching tv and eating diet food. One day, his charming and successful brother has a little, simple job for him: taking a coffin, with the body of an Ukrainian bricklayer, from Italy to a little village in the Ukrainian mountains. But a 3 days drive through an unknown land can be more tricky than what you would expect. Just after the border between Hungary and Ukraine, Easy gets lost and can’t find the right direction in that unknown world, where even the alphabet is incomprehensible for him…


Language – Italiano, Ucraino, Inglese
Genre – Commedia
Screening Format – HD
Director – Andrea Magnani
Screenplay – Andrea Magnani
Production – Pilgrim Film (IT), Bartleby Film (IT), Fresh Production (UA)

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